Technology has an exponentially growing effect on the culture of the world.

An idea can travel the globe in minutes, as can hype or useless noise. Our technology holds incredible potential for driving humanity to greatness.  Whether humanity can unlock that greatness depends on our adaptability and our wisdom.


Humanity is amassing an incredible bank of knowledge, but we’re just scratching the surface of what can be done with it. Old ways of learning, living, operating business – you name it – are all facing disruption at this new pace of change. Those who adapt will flourish. Those who can’t keep up will be left behind.

At the same time, there’s not one invention on this planet that couldn’t be engineered to do more for people.

With significant development happening across such a wide variety of disciplines, we need an environment where ideas are free to grow and combine, guided by good principles.

What we need are honest brokers who create purposeful bridges between knowledge, resources, people, and technology. We need a place where the talents of people can safely combine with the bank of untapped potential in our technology.

Beyond a traditional Keynesian definition of good business, we believe that great businesses should strive to be responsible citizens of the world. Success is built on solid principles, sustainability, continuing betterment, and contributing to the success of others. Absolutely, competition makes us sharper, but collaboration drives us farther than we can achieve individually. Excellence is achieved, not by the secrets you keep, but by the talent and advancement you continually offer.


Practical Inventions weaves technology with humanity to make both more powerful. We’re interested in making real and meaningful things using a pragmatic system of collaboration.


Put simply, right now, we engineer software systems, but we intend to be more. The company’s founder, Wes Watson, is a software engineer by trade but loves sociology. There are only so many things one person can be good at, so the real power comes from combining the talents of people of diverse disciplines and unleashing them on the problems of the world.

Practical Inventions works efforts both for-profit and for-people. From for-profit efforts, we gain the money to keep operating, and we refine our skills building the latest technology. From for-people efforts, we get connections to people outside of business and chances to stretch our creative legs.

All efforts benefit from others. Profit efforts yield time and space to dream and help. People efforts yield motivated, cost-effective learning and creations we make available to all.

We love meeting new people and new challenges.

If you’d like to work with Practical Invention or hear more, contact us!